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Meter in title

K-Meter K-System meter with a LKFS loudness support, peak upsampling, and a pink noise generator for monitor calibration.
Size: 6.6 MB
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noise generator peak meter perceptual loudness  
Meter ProteMac Meter is a network traffic logger.
Size: 4.96MB
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gom player for tv software for simple loan agreement  
Changes Meter Changes Meter does this exact job and it will notify you with a colorful pie.
Size: 976KB
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pub file viewer pic monkey photo opera menu  
Resource Meter Resource Meter is small utility that determinees and monitors currently accessible SYSTEM, GDI and USER resources
Size: 364 KB
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network resource system resource GDI Resource Meter  
Care Meter Care Meter is a free widget that shows with a panel meter how much your CPU is working
Size: 182 KB
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VU meter display CPU Spot Meter Network Meter Meter Usage  
Beat Meter This widget is just a simple metronome for everyone who needs some measure and tempo practice.
Size: 196 KB
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simple metronome keep tempo tempo metronome beat see tempo  

Meter in tags

FreeMeter Revival A simple, friendly network monitoring and diagnosis tool
Size: 1003 KB
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monitor network monitor Network Meter Network Usage Graph  
NetMeter A simple application that monitors your bandwidth allocation.
Size: 482.9K
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monitor traffic monitor traffic Bandwidth bandwidth monitor  
Taskbar Meters Incredibly simple meters that live in the Windows 7 task bar
Size: 509.05K
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windows memory CPU Meter Memory Usage CPU Usage  
Space Meter Counts the space occupied by files and folders
Size: 22 KB
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report generate report Meter HDD Space Meter Pie Chart Form  
Aleksander Heintz's CPU-Meter Yahoo Widget that will monitor your computer's CPU usage and display it on your desktop
Size: 200 KB
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Yahoo Widget monitor CPU Meter cpu monitor cpu meter  
WindMeter A small program that retrieves wind, swell and tides data for windsurfing and kitesurfing in Western Australia.
Size: 1.8 MB
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Weather Meter weather prognose prognose wind meter  

Meter in description

VU8 The Starplugs – VU8 represents an 8 channel VU-style high precission level Meter. You can set the VU8 as Peak meter, Programm Peak meter, VU meter or Power meter with integration times from 1 sa...
Size: 3.1 MB
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VST plugin VST VU meter VU view channel monitor d-channel  
Bulk Meter Flow and Operations The Bulk Meter Flow and Operations is a web-based application to manage water meter readings. Bulk Meter Flow and Operations is a software that helps you manage water meter readings. Open BMFO by clic...
Size: 1.42 MB
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VU meter manager Spot Meter water Network Meter Meter  
Minimal Meter Minimal Meter was developed as a simple and small Rainmeter theme. Minimal Meter can help you decorate your computer screen. Minimal Meter is a handy skin that can help you monitor the weather forecas...
Size: 150 KB
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Theme monitor desktop clock weather monitor Rainmeter  
Care Meter widget From Edward Barnett : The Care Meter widget is for use with the Yahoo Widgets Engine. This widget shows with a panel meter how much your CPU is working. It is similar to the ""Give a %#&@ Meter."" It ...
Size: 182.88K
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CPU Usage CPU usage history CPU Usage Level  
DMR-5200 Serial Application Connect your DMR-5200 Meter to a PC for Display, Logging, and Data Capture. Includes Alarms. Try it free for 15 days, after which a Registration Code may be purchased through PayPal to unlock. Require...
Size: 8.66 MB
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connect PC connect to my pc  
Resource Meter Resource Meter is a small package tool that will determine and monitor currently accessible SYSTEM, GDI and USER resources. This utility will help win32 programmers watch for memory leaks during the A...
Size: 364 KB
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network resource system resource GDI Resource Meter